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No matter your expertise and experience, if you have children, care for children or simply care about the children in your life and community, you can play a part in the fight against human trafficking if you want to. 

The truth is, we can win this fight against human trafficking. But only if we are all engaged.

There is a lot of human trafficking training. Some is good ... a lot isn't. We created a comprehensive training that not only gave parents and caregivers and anyone who cares about children the practical tools they need to protect their kids, but the most robust and research-backed training from the eyes of two of the foremost experts on sex and human trafficking. 




This course is designed to be the most comprehensive human trafficking class for the community. Plenty more information on what attendees can expect is found below, and in the following brief highlights:

  • What really is human trafficking?
  • Myths about human trafficking and how that can endanger your child.
  • Where do victims come from and what vulnerabilities do we watch for?
  • How does pornography affect trafficking?
  • How do social media and trafficking relate?
  • What is the difference between a trafficker and a predator?
  • What are the indicators of trafficking and how do we really protect children?
  • What YOU can do to fight trafficking.

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