“Be the ONE.”

DAN NASH  –  C0-Founder, Human Trafficking Training Center

It just takes one person with the proper training to express their love for humanity in a meaningful way, and to change the life of a human trafficking victim. 

These aren't just words. They are a movement. And the 

Human Trafficking Training Center is leading the charge. 


Dan Nash and Alison Phillips, co-founders of the Human Trafficking Training Center, offer comprehensive and effective skill based training to ensure officers leave every class immediately in a position to identify and help victims and take traffickers out of circulation. 


There's human trafficking training, and then there's skill based training with a track record of producing trackable results.


Learn the signs and indicators of trafficking activity and victims in the course of your everyday duties.


These professionals have a unique opportunity to develop appropriate algorithms and systemize normal course activities to help identify victims.


Our community class is geared towards parents and caregivers who want practical steps and accurate information to protect their kids, or for civilians who are simply interested in getting involved in their communities in a meaningful way. 


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      ANTI-HUMAN                    TRAFFICKING



The 1st Annual North American Human Trafficking Conference is a wrap! 

Save the Date for 2023's Conference: October 25-27, 2023. 

More details and registration coming soon!

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Logan Little, Kansas Highway Patrol

"Dan is a phenomenal asset to the anti-HT community. I’ve worked closely with him  over the last couple of years, which began with him and his team bringing their training to our agency and our unit in anti-HT operations and Interdiction to Protect Children. I knew nothing of Dan prior to this training other than he had been running operations and investigation for several years. The training was the best training I’ve had to date. Dan’s training style is engaging and he is extremely knowledgeable, down to earth, and answers questions with humility. He teaches what has worked for him over the years and what hasn’t. One thing I appreciate most about Dan is that he is very victim centered. He doesn’t just run operations and hand off victims to victim services. He conducts his own follow-ups with victims that were willing. With our jurisdictions so close together, there were several instances of overlap. I assisted Dan, on many occasions, with intelligence collection on suspects or victims. Dan accepted the intelligence with praise and disseminated the intelligence to those who could act on it in a timely manner. He is truly a team player."

I’ve been working in this field since 2007, not only as a professional but also as a survivor. In all that time I’ve engaged with many law-enforcement officers at many, many different levels and some officers can be trained to get it, but Dan, you really get it. I can honestly say I’ve made a few law-enforcement allies along the way but you truly are the first ally for survivors that I have seen that absolutely gets it. For the first time in many, many, many years I see a breakthrough opportunity for a paradigm shift in law-enforcement. As a survivor and an advocate, this is a huge statement. Much, much, respect to you, Dan.

Russ Tuttle, Stop Trafficking Project

"Based on decades in law enforcement, Dan Nash brings unique insight into best practices to identify, prevent, and investigate human trafficking. Dan is a valued expert in anti-trafficking work and is widely respected within many professions for the work he has done as well as for the training he now offers." 

Christine McDonald, Human Trafficking Survivor and Advocate




Having taught thousands of professionals in a broad segment of both the public and private sectors, we will be happy to guide you towards the most appropriate training for your organization.




2022 Training Calendar

February 7:  Kansas City, MO -- Human Trafficking Interdiction

February 16-17:  Boise, ID -- Human Trafficking Interdiction / Operations

March 21:  Jefferson City, MO -- Human Trafficking Interdiction

March 25:  Kansas City, MO -- Special Victims Methodology

April 4-5:  Jonesboro, AR -- Human Trafficking Interdiction / Operations

April 12-13:  Arkadelphia, AR -- Human Trafficking Interdiction / Operations

April 25-27:  Lawton, OK -- Human Trafficking Interdiction / Operations

May 3-4:  Bentonville, AR -- Human Trafficking Interdiction / Operations

May 5: Lenexa, KS -- HTTC Citizens Academy

May 6: Lenexa, KS -- Human Trafficking Interdiction

May 13: Cass County, MO -- Human Trafficking Interdiction

May 26:  Kansas City, MO -- Human Trafficking Interdiction

June 6-8: Chisinau, Moldova, EU -- Human Trafficking Interdiction

June 14-15: Garden City, KS -- Human Trafficking Interdiction / Operations

June 27: Kansas City, MO - National Sheriff's Association Conference (Special Victims Methodology)

June 28-30: Springdale, AR - National Child Protection Task Force Conference

July 11-12:  O’Fallon, MO -- Human Trafficking Interdiction / Operations

July 19-20: Coeur D'Alene, ID -- Human Trafficking Interdiction/ Operations

August 3-4: Bismarck, ND -- Human Trafficking Interdiction/Operations

August 8-11: Dallas, TX -- Crimes Against Children Conference (Special Victims Methodology)

August 17-18: Ft. Defiance, AZ - Human Trafficking Interdiction/Operations

August 23 - 25: Little Rock, AR -- Human Trafficking Interdiction / Operations/ Special Victims Methodology

August 25: Columbia, MO - Human Trafficking Interdiction

September 15-16, 2022: Boise, ID - Human Trafficking Operations

September 28-30:  Las Vegas, NV -- North American Human Trafficking Conference

October 12: St. Joseph, MO - HTTC Citizens Academy

October 13: Lenexa, KS -- HTTC Citizens Academy

October 14: Lenexa, KS -- Human Trafficking Interdiction

October 14: Little Rock, AR - Arkansas Judicial Council

October 18: Des Moines, IA -- Human Trafficking Interdiction

October 28 - Kansas City, MO @ Children's Mercy Hospital

November 2-3: Hannibal, MO - Human Trafficking Interdiction/Operations

November 4: Quincy, IL - Human Trafficking Interdiction

November 5: Harrisonville, MO @ ReHope Kansas City

November 9-10: Cleveland, OH -- Human Trafficking Interdiction/Operations

December 1: Emporia, KS - Human Trafficking Interdiction

December 5th: Kansas City, MO - Human Trafficking Interdiction

December 6-8: El Dorado, AR - Human Trafficking Interdiction/Operations/Special Victims Methodology

January 11-12, 2023: Los Angeles, CA - National Convening Human Trafficking in Illicit Massage Businesses

January 28, 2023: Kansas City, MO - HTTC Citizen's Academy

February 9-10, 2023: Owensboro, KY - Human Trafficking Interdiction/Operations

February 15, 2023: Texas - Human Trafficking Interdiction

February 21-22, 2023: Naples, FL - Human Trafficking Interdiction/Operations

March 1, 2023: O'Fallon, MO - Human Trafficking Interdiction

March TBD: Rolla, MO - Human Trafficking Interdiction/Operations

March 14-16, 2023: Atlanta, GA - Human Trafficking Interdiction/Operations/Illicit Massage Businesses

March 21-23, 2023: West Memphis, AR - Human Trafficking Interdiction/Operations/Special Victims Methodology

March 28-29, 2023: Charleston, SC - Human Trafficking Interdiction/Operations

April 3-4, 2023: Pittsburg, KS - Human Trafficking Interdiction/Operations

April 5-6, 2023: Branson, MO - TBA

April 10-14, 2023: Guatemala City, Guatemala - HTTC Citizen's Academy/Human Trafficking Interdiction/Child Exploitation

May 1, 2023: Lee's Summit, MO - Human Trafficking Interdiction

May 9-10, 2023: Butler, PA - Human Trafficking Interdiction/Operations

May 23-25 (TBD): Fairbanks, AK - Human Trafficking Interdiction/Operations

June 13-14: Dodge City, KS - Human Trafficking Interdiction/Operations

June 20-21, 2023: Dayton, OH - Human Trafficking Interdiction/Operations

June 26-27, 2023: Montgomery, Alabama - Human Trafficking Interdiction/Operations

July 12-13, 2023: Texarkana, AR - Human Trafficking Interdiction/Operations

July 19-20, 2023: Albuquerque, NM - Human Trafficking Interdiciton/Operations

September 7, 2023: Blue Springs, MO - Human Trafficking Interdiction

September (TBD): Lenexa, KS - Human Trafficking Interdiction

September 11: O'Fallon, MO - Human Trafficking Interdiction

October 18-20, 2023: Las Vegas, NV - North American Human Trafficking Conference

November 1-2, 2023: Grand Island, NE - Human Trafficking Interdiction/Operations

November 13, 2023: Blue Springs, MO - Human Trafficking Interdiction

More Dates Pending: California, New York, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Connecticut, Montana, Wisconsin, Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, South Dakota, Arizona, Louisiana, Florida, New Mexico, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Minnesota, North Dakota, Colorado, New Jersey, Michigan 

To Register for a Class in Your Area RSVP to : alison@humantraffickingtrainingcenter.com


Unlike most human trafficking training, HTTC's programs are backed with 27 years of law enforcement experience that help produce trackable results. Officers not only learn what human trafficking is and how to identify it, they actually learn skills they can use in the field. 

We see this time and time again, within days (sometimes less) of attending the training, officers are identifying victims, getting them assistance and/or making arrests of suspects.